Who wants to wear the same thing as everyone else? MadAndie aims to deliver one-of-a-kind gear that is uniquely and significantly you. We select the highest quality vintage and thrifted pieces and pair them with the best graphics from much-loved tees, jerseys and more. Each item is laundered and graphic pieces are hand cut and individually sewn. The result - unique items that can never be duplicated.



Before launching the brand, Elizabeth Graf worked for fun corporate brands including Red Bull and Oakley. She took a 10+ year hiatus to focus on raising her girls, Madeline and Alexandria (aka Andie) – hence MadAndie.



MadAndie is growing with enlisted help from family and friends. Our search for the most unique quality pieces is far-reaching and never-ending. We love embracing sustainable fashion and giving back to the nonprofit community.



Don’t forget to show off what’s yours and yours alone - #madandie_one_of_a_kind, @madandie.



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